aiĝisdatigo / aigisdatigo aiĝisdatigo is a polyonom created on 30th January 2024. It was given an alternative spelling – aigisdatigo – to make it friendlier for English language keyboards. The polyonom was created from “AI” – a widely accepted acronym for Artificial Intelligence appended with “ĝisdatigo” – Esperanto for “update“. Google search results for both […]


ilarogai Generative Artificial Intelligence Toolkit and/or Toolkit for Generative Artificial Intelligence. A polyonom created on 29th January 2024 from “ilaro” (Esperanto = toolkit) appended with the three lettered acronym “gai” (Generative Artificial Intelligence).  


attropiate To offer or incorporate attropiation to third parties’ in ones own creations. attropiate is a polyonom (aka neologism, new word) that takes the first four letters of the word “attribute” – attr – and appends them with “opiate”. In this context “opiate” is an acronym of “Other Peoples’ Ideas, Actions, Thoughts, Experiences”. So whilst […]


malaipropism An AI generated explanation of a polyonom (aka neologism, new word) that offers inappropriate meaning(s) and/or examples of use other than that which was originally intended. Malaipropism derives from , and is a play on, the word “malapropism” – inserting an extra letter “I” to form AI. The word malapropism derives from the blundering […]


kokidomuna “Which came first – the chicken or the egg?” “kikodo” – from the Esperanto for chicken combined with “muna” – from the Estonian for “egg”. A search for both words on 18th January 2024 suggest the two extant words were not recorded on the web as having been combined before. So the polyonoms (aka […]


dodecanoppaa dodecanoppaa – a polyonom created on 16th November 2023. dodeca = 12 + “noppaa” – Finnish for “dice”.


attropiation A combination of acknowledgement and attribution of others’ Persons’ Ideas, Actions, Thoughts and Experiences. A contraction of “attribution” + acronym of Other Person’s Idea, Action, Thoughts, Etcetera Update : In January 2024 a mainstream AI text generated explanation suggested an alternative of “Experiences” for “Et Cetera”.    Quote – ” Attropiate is a new […]


deosemadai The coming together of two ideosemada using artificial intelligence tool(s) to create something unique.   Polyonom created 25th October 2023.  Image “deosemadai #1” by Victor Bourne (link image dimensions). From the Greek “δύο” = 2 (two) + a derivative of “ideosemada” + AI (Artificial Intelligence).


livrilaro A toolkit or set of tools for creating book(s). An amalgamation of the French “livre” = book + Esperanto “ilaro” = toolkit. During 2023 there was a plethora of software released that leveraged Artificial Intelligence to create words and images to create books. There appeared not to be a collective term for this software […]


dopiodenken “Double thinking for those who care to think in a Newspeak world” – Volker Bourne From a typo of the Italian “doppio”  = double + German “denken”  = think.