gofuticus – “gof” – from an acronym of “Gain Of Function” and “uticus” – an Anglicised derivative of the Greek  “τυγχανω” – “I’m lucky” – “of good fortune”.

Gofuticus Web Search Result 20th May 2024 Polyonom Image


The etymology of gofuticus was inspired by the desire to give a name to an image generated with an artificial image creation tool.

When developing a mithistomia around “angomensch” a single word “angomenshen” was entered by Volker Bourne as a prompt.

The output gave a bird with distinctive features that image searches on Tineye and Google image indicated was unique.

Marrying this up with a Latin-esque name gave rise to “Gofuticus Angomenschen” ↓

Gofuticus Angomenschen Link Image