komplemensch – a complete set of people

A polyonom created from “komple” – Turkish approximation to “complete”, prefixing “mensch” – an abbreviation of the German “menschen” – “people“.

komplemensch was added as a polyonom on 6th June 2024 after finding web search results on that day revealed only instances of its use were those where I had used it.

Komplemensch Search Result 6th June 2024 Polyonom Image

Komplemensch initially was used for a satirical piece reflecting the unprecedented (?) number of elections that had, or were due to be held around the planet in 2024 – the “Komplemensch Plebiscite”.

That fed the piece “Le Komplemensch Le Veult” – inspired by the Norman English language – and variations of it – used in some parliamentary procedures to signify the enactment of legislation.

Le Komplemensch Le Veult Mimicalism Satirical Article Header Image

Future uses are expected to include monolexical qualifiers and/or variations on acronyms – in the style of angomensch