stegoxstampa is an Anglicised and abbreviated spelling of “stego χ stampa”

Stegoxstampa 1 image
stegoxstampa 1 image


stego χ stampa is a derivative of stegobfusca.

The designs for stampa in different denominations of χ are a proxy and a component of an (updated) letters of credit – introduced by the Knights Templar in the 12th century.

This video is released as “Mimicalism Invited”. It’s my take on Creative Commons – so feel free to go ahead and use the visuals, words and soundtrack for your own creations and in support of o your own novel thinking. I leave it to your discretion and conscience as to whether or not you choose to acknowledge this piece.

Background – Knights Templar Letters of Credit System

1. The Knights Templar, a medieval Christian military order, introduced the Letters of Credit system in the early 12th century. 2. The system offered secure funds storage through Templar commanderies across Europe and the Holy Land. 3. Letters of Credit were portable and transferable, reducing the risk of theft during travel. 4. Templars supported multi-currency transactions, facilitating international trade. 5. The Knights Templar’s reputation for honesty and integrity enhanced the credibility of their financial system. 6. Beneficiaries were protected in case of letter loss or theft during travel. 7. To access the system, individuals had to become Templar associates and make a deposit. 8. The Knights Templar issued letters of credit, specifying the deposited amount and signed by high-ranking officials. 9. Pilgrims and merchants could use the letters for trade and exchange upon reaching their destinations. 10. The Knights Templar’s Letters of Credit system had a lasting impact on modern banking and financial practices, emphasizing trust and secure transactions.