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Tritotoken came into being on 2nd July 2023 after interrogating artificial intelligence software on the topic of local token exchanges.

The results were skewed towards the digital currency exchanges – of which Sam Bankman-Fried’s “FTX” is possibly one of the most famous examples.

Those are built on the concept of trust and large scale deployments.

What if one were to flip this (or “pivot” being a fashionable word in 2023) and base a system on the lack of mistrust, make it a paper-based exchange where the hard copy token was issued against the value of a good or service that an individual owned or provided.

A parallel could be drawn with the “Artist Trading Cards” (ATCs) that offer ready-made format that is fairly universally understood.  A4 paper and printer (used for an ATC design for one or more tritotokens and a signed / dated on the reverse).

The lack of trust could be mitigated by the personal knowledge and trustworthiness of a local individual human being.  Being able to look a person in the eyes and make one’s own assessment – combined with local peer-group pressure would act as the regulator.

This would scale to form “exchange chains” – based on the same decentralised trust chain to enable movement of goods and services from one geographical area to another.

The word “tritotoken” was also coined to widen the accessibility and acceptance to the “tritokreuz” design concept…..

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