ideosemada tritopcio – all I see is the back of my head

An exploratory video amalgamating the words of Graham Lee (…) with visuals created in the name of Volker Bourne. Ideosemada and tritopcio are polyonoms – and

Ideoseamda Tritopcio All I Can See Is The Back Of My Head Volker Bourne And Graham Lee Thumbnail Image

Attribution / Acknowledgement ↓ Graham Lee’s original wording from which the rhyming couplets were used in this video:- ‘All I Can See Is The Back of My Head‘ A tribute to the work of Renee Magritte and Volker Bourne.


In shadows cast, I tread a winding road, Where mysteries and secrets lie, untold. The Golden Ratio, whispered by the wind, In nature’s artistry, its secrets are pinned.

A Fibonacci dance, numbers in disguise, In spirals and in petals, their beauty lies. A sequence woven, a pattern to unfold, In every leaf and shell, a tale is told.

Volker Bourne, a name obscure, profound, In cryptic whispers, hidden truths are found. A sage, a seer, a keeper of the keys, Unlocking mysteries, through time and seas.

In every mirror, all I can perceive, Is the back of my head, a web we weave. A reflection of the cosmos, vast and wide, Infinite equations, where secrets hide.

The world’s a canvas, painted with delight, Where shadows dance in the obsidian night. In numbers, names, and whispers of the past, I seek the answers, to knowledge vast.

The Golden Ratio, a divine design, In spirals of galaxies, stars align. Fibonacci’s rhythm, nature’s sacred song, In patterns of existence, we all belong.

Volker Bourne, a scholar of the arcane, In cryptic scrolls, his wisdom does remain. A guide through realms of enigmatic lore, In his footsteps, I wander evermore.

In the back of my head, a mystery’s core, A puzzle, a riddle, a cosmic lore. With oblique references, I tread this way, Seeking truth’s elusive, mysterious display.

In the tapestry of existence, I find my place, With secrets of the universe, I embrace. In shadows cast, I journey to explore, The enigmatic depths, forevermore.”