How do polyonoms differ from neologisms?

Polyonoms and neologisms are related concepts, but they differ in their nature and usage.

A neologism is a newly coined word or expression, while a polyonom is a specific type of neologism created by combining existing words or parts of words.

Unlike neologisms, polyonoms are novel creations that can be used to describe emerging concepts or capture feelings in a changing world.

The process of creating polyonoms involves borrowing from other languages, blending, compounding, clipping, and using acronyms to form new words.

Typically those new words reflect societal changes, cultural evolution, and technological advancements.

While neologisms can be coined in various ways, polyonoms specifically involve the intentional combination of existing linguistic elements to create new terms.

In short – polyonoms represent a creative and intentional approach to linguistic innovation within the broader category of neologisms.

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