An AI generated explanation of a polyonom (aka neologism, new word) that offers inappropriate meaning(s) and/or examples of use other than that which was originally intended.

Malaipropism Polyonom Of The Day 20th January 2024 Image

Malaipropism derives from , and is a play on, the word “malapropism” – inserting an extra letter “I” to form AI.

The word malapropism derives from the blundering character of Mrs. Malaprop – a character in Richard Sheridan’s 1775 play The Rivals, who was known for her verbal blunders.

Sheridan is widely understood to have derived the character’s name from the French term “mal à propos”, meaning “inappropriate.”

The rapid evolution of AI in 2024 gave rise to one of the mainstream AI tools providing the following for “attropiate” (from “attropiation“).

“Attropiate” is a neologism, a newly coined word that has not yet been widely adopted into the English language. It is formed by combining the prefix “attro-” (meaning “other”) with the word “opiate” (meaning “something that soothes or satisfies”). The word is intended to convey the idea of appropriating or taking on the characteristics or attributes of another person.

Here are some examples of how the word “attropiate” could be used in a sentence:

  • The new CEO attropiated the company’s founder’s charisma and vision.
  • The politician attropiated the talking points of her opponent.
  • The artist attropiated the style of her favorite painter.

It is important to note that the word “attropiate” is still a relatively new and uncommon term. It is possible that it will not gain widespread usage in the future, but it is a curious and interesting word that reflects the ever-evolving nature of human language.

This is clearly at odds with the meaning of attropiation.  It is inappropriate and, perhaps, misleading.

As at 20th January 2024 Google search returned nil results for “malaipropism”…

Malaipropism Google Search Result 20th January 2024 Image

and thus “malaipropism” came into being.