Robohumaton Polyonom Of The Day 8th August 2023 Image

robohumaton - a polyonom created to describe HUXLEY
HUXLEY – the GRITI Robohumaton 9th August 2023


robohumaton came into being when seeking a word to describe HUXLEY – a robotic humanoid with positive attributes that was developed at the Global Research Institute of Technology and Innovation (GRITI).

HUXLEY was trained initially in a range of dance genres.  Dance being a visual medium and familiar world-wide format for storytelling.

As HUXLEY was developed with the vision of AI being used for the betterment of mankind the minds at GRITI thought dance in all its forms was a good way of communicating its message.

Also giving rise to “robohumatonics” – the study, design, research and building of robohumatons.