kompletort – a response from a politician that fails to answer a question.

From “komple” – Turkish for “complete” and the last four letters of “retort”.

Kompletort Kompletorter Komplederthal Polyonom Image

kompletort – a polyonom created on 27th May 2024.

Web search results on that day indicated that the combination of letters had not previously been recorded.   100% polyonomicity asserted.

Kompletort Web Search Result 27 May 2024 Polyonom Image

In the 21st century a common trait of many politicians in western democratically elected systems is to respond to a question without answering it.

Often the response is a parroting of a “line to take” provided by a third party.

Variations : kompletorter, kompletortology, “kompletortologically speaking” (sometimes used in conjunction with the more well known parliamentary linguistic device “terminological inexactitude”), komplesponse (derived from “response”).