Volksempfängerfon Absic Design with Double Keflicon Image

Volksempfängerfon™ was added to the lexicon of web vocabulary in September 2022.

It was a word invented by Chris Davis as part of his research for his “#6zeromarketing” initiative.

That marked the start of an exploration into the relationship between “traditional” propaganda from the 20th century and the web / internet marketing practices deployed in the early part of the 21st century.

This took the form of the outline of a generic mobile telephone in which were presented both still images and video.

Early research indicated that presenting information in this format removed may barriers.   The mobile phone being an everyday object with which many people were familiar.

It was both personal and non-threatening.

It also had the advantage of providing a frame which provided a visual “barrier” between the content, the viewer’s mobile phone screen and the environment in which it was being used.

This encouraged initial engagement and generally kept the viewer more focussed on content than “unframed” content.

This frame-within-a-frame also lessened the effects of distractions outside of the mobile phone itself and led to longer, uninterrupted viewing times.

In turn this reversed the trend of shortening attention spans and provided for longer messages to be disseminated.