Mimicalisation is the actions taken in respect of an original web asset or one that is made with contribution of others’ content.

The standard mimicalisation practice is to annotate the web asset –  ether directly – or in an associated Description and/ or Alt Description – with the two words:-

“Mimicalism Invited”.

Where the web asset is an original work the two words are accompanied by a URL for those (wishing to use the asset) in their own creations  are asked to provide a link to.

A link to each contributing work in the form of a web address – preferably an active hyperlink  – text and/or clickable image.

The concept is to provide a positive, proactive message to potential users – rather than “use allowed” or other similar wording that was prevalent in 2023.

This is not intended to replace or usurp the place of Creative Commons licensing.

It is more a matter of providing an easily recognised phrase – freeing-up creative time for those who wish to have their work shared and are happy for others to use their assets in this way.

See also “mimicalism” at https://polyonom.com/mimicalism