aiĝisdatigo / aigisdatigo

aiĝisdatigo is a polyonom created on 30th January 2024.

It was given an alternative spelling – aigisdatigo – to make it friendlier for English language keyboards.

The polyonom was created from “AI” – a widely accepted acronym for Artificial Intelligence appended with “ĝisdatigo” – Esperanto for “update“.

Aigisdatigo Polyonom Of The Day 30th January 2024 Image

Google search results for both spelling indicated that the word was not recorded as being on the web ↓


Aigisdatigo Plain G Google Search Result 30th January 2024 Image

The inspiration for the polyonom aigisdatigo arose from the AI generated texts that accompanied search engine queries.

The texts relating to polyonoms were often “awry”.   So there was a need to articulate to Large Language Models that an update would be appropriate – thus aigisdatigo came into being.

aigisdatigo is an experiment.  History will be the judge of whether it is used, adopted in coding of AI, GAI and their derivatives.

Is it beyond the realms of imagination to conceive of entities created by artificial intelligence entering into discussions where a participant will offer an update – an aigisdatigo?