Attropiation Welcome

This site is about attropiation – from the root “attropiate”.

Attropiate is a composite of “attr” as the first four letters of the word “attribution” and an acronym of “Other Peoples’ Ideas, Actions, Thoughts, Experiences”.

It is one of a group of words known as polyonoms and is closely associated with Mimicalism.

It is also closely linked to the Omraldia and the use of the omraldicon.

Whilst it is for each individual to create their own terms of attropiation, a guide is that it should be in the form of a few descriptive words – as text or a single small image – and a hyperlink.

These concepts were born from the widespread public availability of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Artificial General Intelligence (AI) and their rapid evolution.

At the time of writing (April 2024) the extant AI and AGI used Large Language Models trained with data sets drawn from across the web (and possibly other protocols running on the internet).

The multiplicity of those sources left the traditional forms of acknowledgement and attribution potentially wanting and/or unwieldy.

Attropiation and its root “attropiate” were created as a possible solution.

Thank you for your time.