A combination of acknowledgement and attribution of others’ Persons’ Ideas, Actions, Thoughts and Experiences.

A contraction of “attribution” + acronym of Other Person’s Idea, Action, Thoughts, Etcetera

Update : In January 2024 a mainstream AI text generated explanation suggested an alternative of “Experiences” for “Et Cetera”.   

Quote – ” Attropiate is a new word created in November 2023. It is a “polyonom” or a new word that is derived from another word. The word is derived from the word “attribute” and the acronym “OPIATE” which stands for “Other Person’s Ideas, Actions, Thoughts, and Experiences”

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A polyonom (aka neologism or new word) created in November 2023.


The first active use of attropiation appears in the entry for Professor Xavier Delacroix in the Volkaipedia at



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