Respansres Polyonom Of The Day 19th August 2023 Image
Respansres Polyonom Of The Day 19th August 2023 Image

respansres – created from the first letters of the Esperanto words “respondi anstataŭ respondo”.

“respondi anstataŭ respondo” is a translation of the English “reply in place of answer”.

Whilst there is a place for providing a reply in place an answer – its increasing use by pre-briefed fronts-people, sales persons, politicians and, typically, quangomensch it appeared to some that its use (notably with “corporate news” / propaganda dissemination channels) was undermining western democratic elected systems and values.

The term “Neither Confirm Nor Deny” (NCND) is widely accepted as indicating matters that touch on national security – and the need for secrecy to protect lives, information, sources etc.

However, the deliberate obfuscation of facts accelerated in the wake of the “COVID pandemic”.  As at summer of 2023 those practices had yet to be reset to pre-pandemic levels.

“respansres” describes the practice of offering a reply in place of an answer.

Respanres Google Search Result 19th August 2023
Respansres Google Search Result 19th August 2023

Variations include:-

“respansresism” – where a question being posed has been met with a reply rather than an answer – the responder can be said to have offered a “respansresism”.

“respansresology” – the practices involved with “respansres” – including, for example, the provision of briefing, “Think Tank” reports.