polyonom Rabbit Eating A Carrot Enyatych polyonom 714 Square

The polyptych has its roots in the Greek “poly” and “ptyche” (approximation).

The triptych is a quite widely used term – a series of 3 images.

So by extension one takes and anglicises the Greek word for the number 9 – “enya” and adds “tych” = enyatych

That’s with a “silent ” p…so an alternative spelling could be enyaptych.

By extension there is enyatychographics, enytychographers, enyatychography, enyatychograms (visual messages in 9 parts?).

The rabbit eating a carrot image above is the inspiration for this word.

It was created by Chris Davis on 4th November 2022 using artificial intelligence digital art software created by Rob Maggs.