enyagram link image

enyagram is derived from the Greek word for the number 9 (εννέα) + “gram”.

Depending on how one looks at the enyagram – the spaces between the 9 pieces form two vertical lines on a slant and two horizontal lines.

These have variously entered into mainstream usage as the pound sterling symbol, the USA pound symbol and, since 2007, a “hashtag” (see more background at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hashtag).

How the symbol was used before that is beyond this piece.  However there appears to be no constraints on calling the shape by another (new) name.

So “oxohash” is born from the enyagram.

It opens possibilities – notably for images and video. Including…..

oxohash.art = #.art/

oxohash.me = #.me/

oxohash.com = #.com/

In keeping with the ethos that words should not be subject to copyright – if you choose to embrace opportunities to use either the enyagram or oxohash (words and/or images) you will not be struck with a lawsuit or similar.

I offer your use of the word and concept as “Mimicalism Invited”. It’s my take on Creative Commons with Attribution (CC-BY)  Read more about mimicalism at https://mimicalism.com 

Chris Davis – creator.