Noto Bene / Terms of Use

Unless stated otherwise the contents of this site are offered  as “Mimicalism Invited”. 

It’s my take on Creative Commons with Attribution – but not a replacement for that concept or its implementation.

“Mimicalism Invited”   means you are free to use the content you find on this site, “as is” and/or create derivatives of your own – on the understanding that you include a link (preferably an active hyperlink) back to this site somewhere fairly prominent on the asset and/or platform you are using.   As of November 2023 this is also known as attropiation.

We’re all human – and all of us sometimes forget to do things – so I reserve the privilege of using and/or linking to  unattropiated (unattributed) “Mimicalism Invited” content (or that lacking attropiation) for my own purposes.