What is the process of creating a polyonom?

“The process of creating a polyonom is a creative and innovative way to adapt language to the changing world, reflect societal trends, and foster cross-cultural understanding.
It involves a combination of techniques, such as borrowing from other languages, blending, compounding, clipping, and using acronyms, to create new words that effectively convey emerging concepts and capture feelings in a changing world”. 
~ Volker Bourne ~

Creating a polyonom can involve several steps and approaches.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list….

Identifying a need – Recognize the need for a new word to describe an emerging concept or capture a feeling in a changing world.

Borrowing from other languages – Combine elements from different languages to form a new word.

Blending, compounding, and clipping – Merge, combine, or shorten existing words to create a new term.

Using acronyms – Create new words by using acronyms, (abbreviations formed by merging the initial letters of a series of words to form a new word that is pronounced as a single entity).

Semantic shifts – Reflect shifts in collective consciousness by incorporating changes in the meanings of existing words.

Societal trends – Draw inspiration from pop culture, science fiction movies, and literature to create new words that encapsulate societal trends.

Adapting to technological advancements – Describe technological advancements by creating new words that reflect the pace of innovation.

Balancing creativity and clarity – Ensure that the new word effectively conveys its intended meaning while maintaining clarity and avoiding confusion.

Collaboration between AI and humans – Polyonoms can offer a visionary means of collaborative working between artificial intelligence and mankind, celebrating linguistic diversity and enriching human connection.