faritamitai ~ made with artificial intelligence

A polyonom created from “farita” (Esperanto for “made”) and “mit” (German for “with”) and the letters AI – widely accepted as the initials for Artificial Intelligence.

Variations = faritamedai (Danish / Norwegian “med”) and “faritametai” (Dutch “met”).

First example of a watermarked Ai generated image ↓

Volker Bourne Faritamitai Watermark Image


The polyonom “faritamitai” was created as a result of informal discussions between Craig Galloway (www.webilaro.com) and Chris Davis (www.mimicalism.com) on 18th February 2024 about marking of works created with, or by, artificial intelligence.

Craig suggested watermarking could, initially, be voluntary but also anticipated a time when it could become mandatory.

A design for an icon / logo and a novel name seemed to be in order.

Faritamitai Search Result 18th February 2024

The design Chris came up with was based on his existing keflicon.


The “standard” image searches of Google and Yandex indicated the design was new – as did tineye.com ↓