volker bourne

ideosemada tritopcio – all I see is the back of my head

  ideosemada tritopcio – all I see is the back of my head An exploratory video amalgamating the words of Graham Lee (https://www.facebook.com/groups/65228…) with visuals created in the name of Volker Bourne. Ideosemada and tritopcio are polyonoms – https://polyonom.com/ideosemada and https://polyonom.com/tritopcio Attribution / Acknowledgement ↓ Graham Lee’s original wording from which the rhyming couplets were […]


wizzjiggery To make change(s), amendment(s), modification(s), alteration(s) etc.  Especially in relation to pieces created with the aid of artificial intelligence tools and their evolutions. From the Dutch “wijziging” – change, amend, modify, alter.   Example use : “What wizzjiggery went on here to produce these words, images and videos?” Associated terms :- a “wizzjigg” – […]


potobexpo potobexpo is a polyonom created from the letters of the phrase “potential to be exponential”. Examples uses = “It has a certain potobexpo quality about it” , “they exhibit what some might call potobexpo characteristics”.   The attraction of this was the appearance of “po” at both its start and end.  A nod towards […]