ideosemada tritopcio – all I see is the back of my head

  ideosemada tritopcio – all I see is the back of my head An exploratory video amalgamating the words of Graham Lee (…) with visuals created in the name of Volker Bourne. Ideosemada and tritopcio are polyonoms – and Attribution / Acknowledgement ↓ Graham Lee’s original wording from which the rhyming couplets were […]


Ideosemada Puzzle #6

ideosemada uudissana

ideosemada uudissana A creative process described as “planting the seed of an idea for a neologism”. “ideosemada” – a polyonom + “uudissana” – Finnish for neologism.   A practice associated with the Mimicalism Movement and, in particular, their use of tritopcio – or “outside the box thinking and acting”. Ideosemada Uudissana concept came about in light […]


edukantaition From “edukato” – Esperanto = education + A.I. = artificial intelligence   edukantaition is a polyonom creeated in the summer of 2023. It answered the need for a term to describe educating artificial intelligence. In the summer of 2023 there was widespread use of artificial intelligence tools.  Many of these scraped data from the […]


ideosemada ideosemada are creations intended to plant the seed or seeds of an idea or ideas. ideosemada No.1 takes its inspiration from the Belgian surrealist painter Rene Magritte.  Perhaps best known for his painting “Ceci n’est pas une pipe”. In keeping with the concept of mimicalism the image draws on several of Magritte’s works.   […]


toubetousal toubetousal is a polyonom created from an acronym of “Tomorrow Belongs To Us All” – the English version of the mantra of the Global Research Institute of Technology and Innovation (GRITI).   “tobetousal” is both a motto and a mantra.  It lends itself to those with a penchant for open-mindedness to innovative ideas. Anecdotal […]