wizzjigg An output from mankind using artificial intelligence and its evolutions.  See wizzjiggery Words, neologisms, polyonoms, images, videos and possibly in near future feel / touch and aromas / smells.


wizzjiggery To make change(s), amendment(s), modification(s), alteration(s) etc.  Especially in relation to pieces created with the aid of artificial intelligence tools and their evolutions. From the Dutch “wijziging” – change, amend, modify, alter.   Example use : “What wizzjiggery went on here to produce these words, images and videos?” Associated terms :- a “wizzjigg” – […]


derivulata Derivulata is a collective term for creations made through cooperation between artificial intelligence and mankind. It anticipates the era of Mimicalism – when all sights, sounds and images have been created.   It is an amalgamation of “derivative” and “deja vue” (and a variation on “derivalutia”). Derivulata was inspired during the creation of the […]