unikaneusana From the Esperanto “unika” = unique + German “neu” = new + Finnish “sana” = word   unikaneusana = a unique new word.  A polyonom created on 3rd October 2023. Plural = unikaneusanas  


blauomeno blauomeno – blue apple blauomeno is a polyonom created on 21st September 2023. An amalgamation of German/ Esperanto “blau” = blue + a typo of the Finnish “omena” = apple. blauomeno – 5 pieces by Volker Bourne (A tritokreuz – polyonom – mimicalism production) in association with the Central Office for the Verification of […]


wizzjiggery To make change(s), amendment(s), modification(s), alteration(s) etc.  Especially in relation to pieces created with the aid of artificial intelligence tools and their evolutions. From the Dutch “wijziging” – change, amend, modify, alter.   Example use : “What wizzjiggery went on here to produce these words, images and videos?” Associated terms :- a “wizzjigg” – […]


stressimalsano Illness or illnesses associated with stress. From the Finnish “stressi” = stress + Esperanto “malsano” = illness stressimalsano – a polynom created on 15th September 2023  


toubetousal toubetousal is a polyonom created from an acronym of “Tomorrow Belongs To Us All” – the English version of the mantra of the Global Research Institute of Technology and Innovation (GRITI).   “tobetousal” is both a motto and a mantra.  It lends itself to those with a penchant for open-mindedness to innovative ideas. Anecdotal […]


derivulata Derivulata is a collective term for creations made through cooperation between artificial intelligence and mankind. It anticipates the era of Mimicalism – when all sights, sounds and images have been created.   It is an amalgamation of “derivative” and “deja vue” (and a variation on “derivalutia”). Derivulata was inspired during the creation of the […]