livrilaro A toolkit or set of tools for creating book(s). An amalgamation of the French “livre” = book + Esperanto “ilaro” = toolkit. During 2023 there was a plethora of software released that leveraged Artificial Intelligence to create words and images to create books. There appeared not to be a collective term for this software […]


dopiodenken “Double thinking for those who care to think in a Newspeak world” – Volker Bourne From a typo of the Italian “doppio”  = double + German “denken”  = think.


mimicalismia Stuff to do with or associated with Mimicalism. In the way that antique trade has parlance such as “curios” , “bric-a-brac” – then that which is associated with Mimicalism has “mimicalismia”.  


coftvoii   A polyonom created from the acronym of “Central Office for the Verification of Independent Ideas”. Associated acronyms and polyonoms “Central Office For The Verification Of Independent [Action][Content][Imagery][Information] [Thought]”


wizzjigg An output from mankind using artificial intelligence and its evolutions.  See wizzjiggery Words, neologisms, polyonoms, images, videos and possibly in near future feel / touch and aromas / smells.


Ideosemada Puzzle #6


edukantaition From “edukato” – Esperanto = education + A.I. = artificial intelligence   edukantaition is a polyonom creeated in the summer of 2023. It answered the need for a term to describe educating artificial intelligence. In the summer of 2023 there was widespread use of artificial intelligence tools.  Many of these scraped data from the […]

the little list of polyonoms

    Polyonoms listed below are clickable links (each opens in same window / tab). acronytial afrifasri aigisdatigo akronytial aipromptilaro aldonoponto angoentity angomensch apropostolic attropiatable attropiate attropiation bardailogy blauomeno blauomenat brasitalgem coftvoii coftvoiid cogitilaro craiftsperson decapendathon denoitol deosemadai derivaluta derivalutia dintrakingdom dodecanoppaa dopiodenken edukantation eftasteria enyagram enyatych enyazoric faritamitai felliniata fordeluzinimkond foruzinim fyoodalism gnosilaro godatobubane […]


ideosemada ideosemada are creations intended to plant the seed or seeds of an idea or ideas. ideosemada No.1 takes its inspiration from the Belgian surrealist painter Rene Magritte.  Perhaps best known for his painting “Ceci n’est pas une pipe”. In keeping with the concept of mimicalism the image draws on several of Magritte’s works.   […]

polyonom welcome

polyonom welcome The lexicon of web terminology is catered for very well by online dictionaries, lists of synonyms and antonyms. What is less well catered for are new words.  What I have called “polyonoms”.  Polyonom is, itself, a polyonom. This site is an attempt to brigade in one place the words I create during, or […]