kokidomuna “Which came first – the chicken or the egg?” “kikodo” – from the Esperanto for chicken combined with “muna” – from the Estonian for “egg”. A search for both words on 18th January 2024 suggest the two extant words were not recorded on the web as having been combined before. So the polyonoms (aka […]

ideosemada tritopcio – all I see is the back of my head

  ideosemada tritopcio – all I see is the back of my head An exploratory video amalgamating the words of Graham Lee (…) with visuals created in the name of Volker Bourne. Ideosemada and tritopcio are polyonoms – and Attribution / Acknowledgement ↓ Graham Lee’s original wording from which the rhyming couplets were […]


Ideosemada Puzzle #6


ideosemada ideosemada are creations intended to plant the seed or seeds of an idea or ideas. ideosemada No.1 takes its inspiration from the Belgian surrealist painter Rene Magritte.  Perhaps best known for his painting “Ceci n’est pas une pipe”. In keeping with the concept of mimicalism the image draws on several of Magritte’s works.   […]


ideosemado ideosemado is a generic term roughly equating to “planting an idea”.   ideosemado – a polyonom created from Esperanto words “ideo” =  idea + “semado” = seeding Giving rise to  (i) “ideosemadology” – the practice of seeding ideas or words through using web-based tools and (ii) “ideosemada” – the things and concept and (iii) […]